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Photo by Brian Johnson

Dear Friends,
I'm sitting in Charlie and Cecily's dining room in their home in Takoma Park, MD after completing the mixes! The mixes are absolutely stunning and I just can't wait to share the CD with you all. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the gifts you sent my way throughout the course of my fundraising and especially the gifts you gave in this last plea. I didn't want to sound whiny or needy but did want to express the fact that I was short on funds and you all came through so beautifully. So thank you so very much. It truly brought tears to my eyes.
On the 31st, (Halloween!!) I will be coming back up to Takoma Park for the final step in this project which is mastering the record. It's like putting the final coat on a refinished table. It makes it shine, makes everything sound like it belongs together and sets the levels to be consistent so you aren't adjusting your volume between songs. It's a step that relates to physical CDs more than digital CDs. You will have a beautifully finished CD in your hands soon.
On Nov 1, it will be sent to Oasis for manufacturing and the turn around should be pretty quick. The cover is done short of a final proofing. So all it great! Also the lyrics will be posted on the lyric page in the next week or so.
When I get the CDs, the contributors get the signed CDs before I offer it online through my site and through Goldenrod as well as all the other services. I encourage you to buy physical CDs through me and digitally through Goldenrod. My contributors are my first priority. Then it wll be available online and I will let you all know right away! I may put a preorder link on the site so you will get it right away.
Here is a final mix of a fun song that Gina Forsyth played fiddle on and I played the acoustic guitars, including the solo. Please enjoy!
With much gratitude, Tret

My First Guitar